The Change

The Change wrought altered reality, impacting:

  • Arcane Magic
  • Divine Magic
  • Physical Prowess
  • Items
  • Stars
  • Flora/fauna
  • Monsters
  • Society/government
  • Geography
  • Timeflow

The Change affected different people different ways. For the players, it began with a flash of light, blinding pain, and a vision of the Fangs of Zotzilaha (twin volcanoes on the Isle of Dread) erupting in a titanic explosion.

Some effects were global: the stars shifted, and some fell. Magic stopped working. Even MATH started acting funny (diagonal of a square, when measured, is now somehow the same distance as the side of a square).

There was momentary panic as the lights went out in Sasserine and the heavens went crazy, but the immediate impact on the populace was low.

Rulers, priests, and mages, however, all started to panic. They didn’t know the cause, but could guess at the implications of being cut off from civilization, with the gods no longer answering prayers. The smarter sages realized that without druidic magic, there wouldn’t be nearly enough food come harvest time.

Sasserine fell soon enough, and as far as the party knows, the failure and collapse of civilization is global.

The Change

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