Power was passed down along matriarchal bloodlines in Tanaroa. They respected strong women and scoffed at any group led by a man (or worse, composed entirely of men). By far the fiercest warriors of the Olman, the Tanaroans made formidable allies. They had their own troubles, however, as their proximity to the Great Wall and the terrors beyond it did not allow them to spare warriors to aid in colonial defense. The Tanaroans could offer supplies, weapons, and advice on strategy, but not military aid. The first Olman to craft and use kaua’koi, the Tanaroans greatly respected anyone displaying proficiency with this extremely difficult weapon.

As tenders of the Great Wall this tribe was closest to the Fangs of Zotzilaha, and after the Shattering of the Moon (and the birth of the devas) they became fanatically obsessed with Zotzilaha itself. In an effort to appease the increasingly active volcano, they initiated a civil war, attempting to round up the children of the other tribes with the intention of lava sacrifice. The party joined the resisting tribes, organized a defense, and attacked the Tanaroan village. Confronted with over 60 violently fanatic (and, sometimes, possessed) men and women, The Black Talons responded by slaughtering every single villager.

The Tanaroan village is now empty, and the Great Wall is no longer tended or defended.

EDIT 9/27/10: changed existing entry to past tense. Added current status.


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