Campaign flavor and House Rules


Fehlauer’s Savage Tide is “van art fantasy”, defined as the kind of airbrushed fantasy art you’d find painted on the side of a van. We’re talking babes with improbably huge boobs constrained by a chainmail bikini, riding a fire-breathing sea serpent jumping over an exploding leopard.

Major flavors: The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, Labyrynth, Willow, The Odyssey, Clash of the Titans, Legend.

Seasoned with: Event Horizon, Battlestar Galactica (the new TV series), The 13th Warrior, Conan, Flesh and Blood.

House Rules

Race restrictions are removed from feats, except for human feats and feats that modify race-specific abilities. For example, Draconic Arrogance and Drow Fighting Style are open to any race, but Elven Precision and Enlarged Breath are restricted to elves and dragonborn.

Class and Paragon Path abilities are open for discussion. For example, Zam Ji is a rogue (with rogue class features), but chooses powers from the ranger power list and uses Dex instead of Str for melee ranger attack powers.

All Epic Destinies are unavailable and considered “locked” until “unlocked” by in-game events. These events are noted by the DM but will not necessarily be apparent to players or their characters. At 21st level, players will be informed of which epic destinies are available to their characters. If a character reaches 21st level without having unlocked any epic destiny, he cannot advance in level and must remain a 20th-level Paragon.

Campaign flavor and House Rules

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