Lohi Kaarme


Trained Skills: Athletics, Nature, Heal, Perception, History


Backstory: He grew up from the age of five in the Emerald Waters orphanage in the Sunrise District after his parents (Isä and Äiti) died (or so he was told) while on a mission for the Seekers. The Knowlern family was his pseudo-guardian for some reason unknown to Lohi…seemed to be family friends for as long as he could remember. When he turned 18, they appointed him as one of the Protectors of Standing Stone Park. But now, four years later, he’s grown anxious to carry on the family legacy – as were his parents, he’s become affiliated with the Seekers and is ready to head out into the world. And he wants to grow up to be a bronze dragon.

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Lohi Kaarme

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