Tolin Kientai

Leader of a defunct adventuring party


The leader of the Jade Ravens, Tolin is as vain and brash as he is handsome, a rugged man whose rustic good looks have served him well over the years. As Tolin adventured, he came to realise that what truely appealed to him about his lifestyle was looking good in a fight. Growing less and less enamoured with the natural world, in part due to Kaskus Kiel’s somewhat zealous streak of crusading for the same, Tolin abandoned his training as a ranger to foucs soley on perfecting his twin short sword fighting style.

When last the party saw Tolin, he was arguing with Zan, the last remaining Jade Raven other than himself (the pregnant Liamae having abandoned the party to run off with Fedor). Three years later, Tolin has has arm around Lavinia—and Zan is nowhere to be seen.

Tolin Kientai

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