Yosh Zabar

He's the man with the hat, anybody will tell you that.


Yosh Zabar is a young but well-worn Shoal Halfling, with a slight frame and a friendly manner. He carries himself like a noble—despite never quite becoming one—and he smells of strange perfumes, the salt of the sea, and (slightly, when you catch a good whiff) sulfur. When he reaches any port, he is quick to adopt the latest fashions, usually weaving them into his slightly deranged ensemble of shrunken heads, tyrannosaur teeth, kraken-skin armor, and exotic jewelry. He has many tattoos. He remembers receiving most of them.

Trained skills: Arcana Bluff Diplomacy Insight


Everyone has served time in jail. Yosh is just one of those people.

Most will tell you that it was unjust, that he was only trying to return to Sasserine, to share riches from Farshore and the Isle of Dread, and the Scarlet Brotherhood had no business detaining him.

Some will blame the unhappy incident on Yosh accidentally incurring the wrath of the twin-fanged god Zotzilah. Others blame the vision he received from the couatl Tonatiuh. Still others say it was a side effect of his heroically riding elemental lightning itself to plunge the Shadow Pearl into Vanthus’ flagship to end the siege of Farshore.

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Yosh Zabar

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