Harliss Javell

Pirate Captain


First appearance: The Bullywug Gambit.


Harliss is a bold beauty with raven black hair that flows like the deepest shade of midnight against her deeply tanned skin. She wears tight leather armour studded with fire opals and pearls. In combat she wields a curved rapier and dagger in a blinding display of swordplay.

The party rescued Harliss from combat with several Savagely corrupted members of her crew. She told them how Vanthus’s betrayed her and attempted to steal a Shadow Pearl, only to set it off. The resulting Savage Tide washed over the area and transformed most every man, fish, and animal into horrific monsters. She and a few others escaped into nearby caves but were cut down one by one until only she remained.

Harliss viewed the party with hostility until Zam Ji applied a little “Captain Kirk” style charm, complete with flashy combat moves, torn tunic, and glistening pecs. Whether amused or enthralled, none can say, but Harliss spilled the beans on Vanthus’s future plans and likely location, confessed that she’d sent a squad of bullywug hitmen to the Vanthus estate, and gifted Zam Ji with one of her earrings. When last seen, she was rigging a boat launch with a sail and heading out to sea.

Epilogue: the party caught up to the hitmen in time to save Lavinia, but her maid, Kora, was killed by Harliss’s first mate. Lavinia finished off the fleeing murderer with a repeating crossbow.

Epilogue 2: While on that adventure, the party met (and rescued) the Jade Ravens.

Epilogue 3: Kora was Raised by Lavinia, only to be killed again during the Fall of Sasserine.

Harliss Javell

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