Avner Meravanchi

Spoiled brat


Avner is a despicable cur – a slanderer, a deflowerer of maidens, and an utter cad who cares only about himself. Yet on the surface he is charming helpful and brave. This is all an act. When trouble appears, he disappears. When coins go missing, he is the culprit. When ladies are left a lurch at the altar, he’s off frolicking with their sisters.

Despite the slow recovery of her wealth Lavinia could not quite finance her expedition to Farshore on her own. She spoke with the other noble families of Sasserine, but only one felt the profits for aiding her outweighted the dangers – the semi-notorious Meravanchis. Of course Avner’s father, Zebula, had an additional reason for sending Avner on this trip. By sending him off to Farshore he removes the threat of him embarassing the family more in Sasserine. Avner has no concept his father wanted to get rid of him, and carries with him a vastly inflated sense of self-importance as a result. Avner set out with two meek servants (Bandaby Chisk and Quenge Asper) who defer to his every need but are otherwise unobtrusive.

Bandaby was killed by sargasso monsters, and Quenge presumably perished when the Sea Wyvern crashed into the Isle of Dread. Avner survived, and even joined combat during the trek along the seacliff wall. Through a combination of luck and the party’s efforts he managed to make it all the way to Farshore.

Upon arrival he was contemptuously ignored by his uncle, only to be later welcomed as an ally as this uncle realized he’d be in a political power struggle with Lavinia.

Avner Meravanchi

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