Human Infernal Warlock


Fedor was born to an aristocratic family far from the shores of Sasserine. Both mother and father were political animals, constantly jockeying for power among the various bureaucracies of the region. An only child, Fedor was wealthy, bored and his idle hands became a devil’s playgound.

At the age of 11, Fedor came under the tutelage of a local artificer, unbeknown to his absent parents.

The artificer, Denorren, recognized a openness within Fedor’s soul. A vulnerability that could be used as a portal for demonic power. Denorren researched for months until finally coming up with a series of rituals that he believed would grant him limitless infernal power. And the key to the ritual was the sacrifice of young Fedor.

Fedor, naive and soft from privilege, willingly participated in the ritual, unknowing of the betrayal Denorren had planned. However, when the forces of darkness revealed themselves, they instead shredded Denorren’s soul and left a fiery imprint upon Fedor.

Small trades between Fedor and his patrons began; secure a drop of lamb’s blood in exchange for flame from his fingertips, steal the armor of a local hero and for one hour crawl upon walls.

Gradually a hunger developed inside the young man. The rush of power was too much to turn away from. When the voices made a long-term offer, Fedor did not resist.

The pact leeched his humanity from him across years. As his corruption grew, his body changed, grew harder and darker. The strength, the power, the magic; Fedor became a channel of infernal energies. Promises and rewards from the blackness grew, until one day they proposed a bargain that would change Fedor forever.

By this time, Fedor’s parents had become glorious leaders of their realm. Under their watch, religion and government had become one and they had many devout citizens in their sway.

The voices demanded that Fedor pull the hearts from their chests and cast them into flame. In exchange, they promised him limitless power in the mortal realm. If he refused, the devils threatened to take away all he had been granted.


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