Ollo of the Road

An adventure traveler with a social conscience

Trained skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Endurance
  • Heal
  • Insight
  • Religion

Heaven is no place for a saint devoted to the goddess of travel and adventure, so St. Ollo found himself reborn as the son of a merchant about 25 years ago. He quickly followed in Avandra’s footsteps, exploring every nearby hill and dale of every spot on his father’s routes, and took up her calling as soon as he was able. For several years now, he has followed the roads wherever they have taken him, making them safe for travelers and helping those in need whenever he could.

When the universe shifted, he was possessed by a burning need – a call – to go to Sasserine and investigate the newborn creature who had made such a racket upon delivery. He found Damian and his cohort with ease, and found them to be powerful adventurers in their own right, if disappointingly (and sometimes self-destructively) amoral. He has taken up with them for the time being, and hopes to lead them to see the power of goodness through his example.

Ollo is a large man with sandy hair and ruddy skin, and has the easy charm of an old bartender. He’s got a million stories of his travels, but almost always wants to hear others tell theirs first. His relentless optimism under the face of spine-crunching adversity has driven at least one long-ago cohort to madness. He has learned to order drinks in 73 languages.


  • Was there ever really a St. Ollo?
  • Was he really reborn, or is he deluded?
  • Who is answering his prayers?
  • Could it be that he was created (full of false memories) when the universe shifted? For what purpose?

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Ollo of the Road

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