A polite, self-deprecating, helpful, eater of flesh.


At the time the party met him, he was a 3.5 Edition ghoul. His current game stats are unknown.


When the party was trapped on the Sargasso sea, they saw flashes of light on the horizon, accompanied by thunder. Hundreds of sargasso monsters trudged past the Sea Wyvern, on their way to the commotion. Some walked into the ship and attacked, dealing damage to the structure and killing some crew.

In the morning the creatures were gone and the party investigated the noise. They eventually found several smoking craters in the sargasso, surrounding the site of a major battle: the final stand of the Ducal Navy Ship “Victory.” The hull was literally torn apart, along with many crew. The only corpses were completely rent asunder. There were no intact corpses—and not nearly enough to account for a full ship’s complement of crew. Oddly, some of the pieces looked recently gnawed-upon.

While investigating, the party heard a noise, and Zam Ji saw a creature dart by in the darkness. They called out to it and a voice responded, obviously talking with its mouth full. Over time they got the person to reveal that they were a crewman not of the Victory, but from a trading ship out of Greyhawk City. He had marooned on the Sargasso some time ago, and had managed to hide from the sargasso monsters. He lamented the loss of his crew and told the party he missed them terribly. He said he could lead the party to the source of the Sargasso’s power, where-if they hurried-they could kill the source before night fell and the monsters rose again. He said he wanted to leave, but was scared the party wouldn’t take him.

He said his name was Tim.

The party promised to spare time and to take him with them once they destroyed the source of the power. They coached him out of hiding, and out walked a ghoul. He was dressed in sailor’s rags, and saluted smartly—forgetting that he still clutched the severed hand of a Victory crewman.

The party destroyed the Sargasso and the sargasso began to break apart. They made it back to the ship but only just barely, and had an opportunity to abandon Tim to watery grave… but they came back for him.

Tim vowed to be a diligent worker and smartly saw to all appointed tasks, but the fact remained that he was a fucking ghoul. A walking corpse. He soon got into trouble devouring live chickens, and sentries would sometimes come to the uncanny realization that Tim crouched on the rigging, right behind them, licking his lips. He complained of hunger pangs and tried to wheedle his way into cannibilism, suggesting just a nibble of Avner, or the party to promise him a bite of any captives. He eventually was banished to the crow’s nest, where he made a reasonably good lookout.

Why was he along? Yosh and Jedidiah wanted to kill or maroon him, but Zam had made a promise and held out hope for a cure. Tim literally shadowed Zam, and soon the Zeph felt like Tim’s confessor. And by the sounds of those confessions, and Tim’s increasingly gaunt flesh and searing red eyes, Tim was about to break.

It came to a head when the party crashed into the Isle of Dread. The entire party was knocked cold in the crash. When they awoke, they were washed up on the beach with a scant few of the crew. Drag marks showed where two other survivors were taken into the jungle. Of them, or the other crew, there was no sign.

Later Tim came out of the jungle, and the party took his tale (“I was lost!”) at his word. This decision ended in tragedy, when the party was ambushed by mummies in a cave. With all but Zam and Fedor paralyzed or unconscious, Tim made his move. He murdered Jedidiah’s man-at-arms, Abu, and savagely attacked the party. When the fight turned against him, he fled and leapt into the murky waters of the underground cave—never to be seen again.


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