Fehlauer's Savage Tide

Tides of Dread

Meet Vanthus!

The PCs, reunited with Lavinia and the Blue Nixie, help defend Farshore from a pirate ship attack. They learn that a larger fleet of pirates, from the Crimson Fleet, is scheduled to make a full-out attack on the colony in a mere two month’s time. Preparing for this assault, the PCs aid in building up the colony’s defenses and explore the Isle of Dread to discover new resources and form alliances with local tribes. Finally, the day came and the Crimson Fleet attacked. The city was as prepared as it could be, but was barely able to stave off the fleet’s assault. But, before the fleet’s final retreat, Vanthus, now captain of a pirate ship, revealed himself now as a part-demon, and confronted the PCs with taunts and some weird incestous innuendo. The PCs retaliated with fire and steel, and knocked Vanthus to the ground. He almost escaped, but Zam Ji’s blade ended his life.

Vanthus’s final act was to drop a Shadow Pearl, in the hopes that the party, Lavinia, and Farshore will be destroyed by the Savage Tide. It is Captain Yosh who saves the day, using his Ride The Lightning powers to blast out to sea, where he drops the sputtering Shadow Pearl onto Vanthus’s flagship. The ship is obliterated in a horrific explosion unlike what Harliss Javell described, leaving behind a weird rift just above the waterline. Yosh, Urol, and Fedor later postulate that the combination of the Pearl, magic items on the ship (known to include a Crystal Ball), and the ship’s gunpowder stores caused the phenomenon.



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