Fehlauer's Savage Tide

There Is No Honor

The adventure begins!

The PCs are recruited by a desparate noble of the city of Sasserine, one Lavinia Vanderboren. After her parents recently perished in a freak accident, she inherited a large number of debts along with the rest of the estate. Yet her real problem is not financial, but personal. Her younger brother Vanthus has fallen in with a bad crowd: theives, cutthroats, and smugglers. Lavinia asks the PCs to help track down her brother and rescue him from his errant ways, but they soon find out that he’s the worst of the bunch. After he attempts to murder them by entrapping them in an old smuggler hideout, they find out that Vanthus stands at the center of the Lotus Dragons, a violent and deadly thieves’ guild that has recently ascended to a position of power in Sasserine’s underworld. Even though the PCs defeat this guild and their leader, Rowyn Kellani, before they are able to stage a coup against the city government, they find that Vanthus was behind the death of his parents and has slipped away to pursue a new plan.



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