Fehlauer's Savage Tide

The Sea Wyvern's Wake

The Long, Strange Voyage to the Isle of Dread!

From journals they recovered (during the first adventure) from Lavinia’s family vault, she and the PCs discover that the last thing her parents accomplished before their murder by Vanthus was the establishment of a trading outpost and colony called Farshore on the distant and dangerous Isle of Dread. The Vanderboren’s hoped to establish a profitable trade route, importing exotic spices, lumber, and foods to Sasserine. Desiring to carry on her parent’s vision and knowing the colonists need supplies, she recruits the PCs to accompany her on an expedition to Farshore.

With their new ship, the PCs sail with Lavinia (and her crew on the Blue Nixie) on a 3,000 mile voyage south to the Isle of Dread. Along the way they pass numerous odd sights (and sites), including a huge stone stairway into the sea. They investigate this area, including the treeline, where they discover the trees are staked with hundreds of mummified lizardfolk corpses—which scream and lurch when approached, wrench themselves free, and chase the party to their boats. Later, Urol’s study of a captured chunk of stair reveals that the area was a site of forbidden worship of some forgotten god, ancient even to lizardfolk, and that the mummified corpses were guardians, punished cultists, a warning system, or all three. Rumors of the site were ancient, but investigations always proved fruitless, leading Urol to believe that the site faded in and out of time / reality. It’s appearance, and the effect of the party’s meddling, was a mystery.

There are many other events on the way, including having to deal with the murderous stowaway, the former leader of the Lotus Dragons, Rowyn Kellani, looking for revenge, and an encounter with wyverns (the party tosses Avner’s horse overboard, and the wyverns leave them alone). Another passenger turns out to false: Father Feres, who is not a priest at all but a common smuggler named Conrad Horst. He is further revealed to be a mule for smuggling a Slaad egg (he’s just as surprised as the party; he thought he was smuggling a letter). After dealing with a Scarlet Brotherhood blockade (gifting the liberated ship Purity’s Prow to its slaves), Urol convinces the party to take a perilous sidetrek to the ruined city of Tomoachan. There they encounter the stony remains of an expedition launched by Lohi’s father, recover a golden bat idol, and begin dealing with Zam Ji’s chronic case of Mummy Rot. He’s kept alive via Urol’s minor druidic magic but it’s a losing battle, and the party’s only hope, Fort Greenrock, is found to be torched and abandoned. He’s saved only by a friendly native tribe on a tiny island, which fist insists that he become a member by taking a wife.

Later they have to rescue themselves from a large, evil sargasso sea, an outgrowth of a creature known as the “Mother of All”, with the help of Tim. Finally, on the eve of their arrival to the Isle, they are caught in a ferocious storm and are separated from Lavinia’s ship. Caught in the massive storm they crash the ship on the northeastern shore of the Isle of Dread.



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