Fehlauer's Savage Tide

Here There Be Monsters

Meet the Isle of Dread!

The shipwrecked PCs and the surviving members of the Sea Wyvern scavenged supplies and made the deadly journey down the coast of the Isle of Dread to reach the Farshore colony. Along the way they were hounded by dinosaurs, gargoyles, a spiderlady, terror birds, bad omens, as well as treachery and madness.

The lowpoint of the journey came when they realized they were being stalked by a mysterious creature that torments them and ended up picking off Tavey for a sacrifice to his foul god. Eventually finding the demon’s lair (an ancient hidden shrine) they were able to defeat it and the shrine’s golem-protector thereby rescuing Tavey and removing the curse allowing them to escape.


  • Death of Tavey’s dad, John Carpenter (Drowned in Fedor’s arms)
  • Drag marks into the jungle
  • Tyranosaur’s approach and roar
  • Death of Lilith (eaten by Tyranosaur)
  • Meeting the spiderlady
  • Terror birds nests
  • The Dark Passage under the mountains
  • Death of Abu (murdered by Tim)
  • Traversing the cliffs
  • Lohi taking Tavey under his wing (giving him his father’s knife, teaching him to use a spear)
  • Jedidiah’s capturing the Gargoyle crown
  • The suicidal villager
  • Exploding blood banana
  • The crucified villager
  • Shrine of Demogorgon



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