Fehlauer's Savage Tide


The Fleet returns to Fort Blackthorn, gains a ship, and picks up supplies from a gnome colony

The fleet, low on supplies, is overjoyed when Fort Blackthorn’s bustling waterfront comes into view. They can see cookfires and construction cranes, and busy people hustling to and fro on the docks. A ship immediately sets out from shore to greet them.

As it approaches, they notice that’s its undercrewed; only seven people for a sloop-sized ship. And it’s kind of beat up. Nervous, the Sea Wyvern’s crew take to arms just as the ship pulls alongside. One of the strange ship’s crew yells out “Help us!” just as horrible frog-like monsters swarm up onto the deck. There are a bunch of man-sized grey-skinned creatures, as well as two much larger creatures: one red, one blue. They all have oversized mouths and huge claws.

The strange ship’s crew cowers or leaps for the water as battle is joined. The little grey monsters pop into and out of existence, flanking and confounding the minds of the Black Talons. The big ones lay waste with croaks and claws.

Eventually the Talons prevail and the frog-beasts are slain. The rescued crew is grateful, but warns the entire fort is completely overrun by the creatures, which appeared right when the Change occurred. They beg to join the fleet, and are welcomed. One of them, an eyepatch-wearing seadog called Patchy, overhears talk of low supplies and spins a yarn about setting up a gnome colony not far away. He worked with the advance scouts for a bunch of gnomes, and hauled tons of supplies into the jungle.

After some drama with the fleets captains the party sets off for Gladtown, bringing Patchy along with an officer from the Pride of Greyhawk. The path is deeply overgrown and the village, when discovered, is deserted. It’s just empty, partially collapsed huts filled with rot, surrounding a firepit and a huge tree in the village center.

Ollo hears singing and happens upon a beautiful naked woman bathing in a nearby stream. Immediately suspicious, the party forms up as she walks out of the water and tells them that “the gnomes went away”, and that “you should leave. No, really, you need to go.” When the refuse, she shrieks and transforms into a barky, bestial clawbitch, screaming “you PEOPLE ruin EVERYTHING!” Shambling jungle monsters bust out of the village huts and the central tree comes to life as a massive treant, and battle is joined. during the battle Patchy is ripped in half (despite Ollo’s best efforts) by a the treant and the Pride’s officer is pounded into the ground. Eventually the dryad is killed by Zam-Ji, and the Treant calls for a cessation of violence. The party agrees to leave if they can take the remaining supplies, and they depart Gladtown with heavy burdens.



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