Fehlauer's Savage Tide

Farshore Tea Party


Scene 2 – Farshore


Still nightfall, amid chaos of Torog’s arrival and departure, and the Black Talon’s presence.


The Clergyman

·         One of the crewmen of the Sea Wyvern overheard Father John Copley, the local priest of Erathis, proclaiming that is “as yesterday’s communion foretold, the arrival of the mighty Black Talons proves that Erathis still watches over her children.”

·         This happened when the Wyvern first landed. Before the PCs told about the funeral.

·         Crewman thought it was weird for Father Copley to be preaching about Erathis if Erathis is dead.




·         Lavinia has a son named Vanthus. Born about 9 months after the departure of the Sea Wyvern from Farshore.

·         Tolin is her bodyguard and lover.

o   Zan took off with Avner to explore the Isle.

·         After the meeting with Torog, Lavinia is joined by Manthalay Meravanchi and they ask the PCs to accompany them to Vanderboren Manor. Once there, Manthaley takes charge:

o   “It won’t take long for these villagers to realize that with Sasserine destroyed, our titles and money are no longer backed by the old country’s power and are therefore meaningless.”

o   “This place will descend into anarchy.”

o   “As the most powerful and respected individuals around—and as people unsuited and uninterested in governance—we need you to crown us as the new king and queen of Farshore. Why help us?”

§  We’re skilled administrators.

§  If we go, other legitimate laws and mores will topple like dominoes: land deeds, business licenses, contracts. It will be bloody chaos.

§  Our continued rule will stabilize Farshore.

§  We won’t give up our authority willingly, and we and our loyal retainers will put down any attempts at revolution with force. To put it bluntly: we’ll die before we’re dethroned.

o   Manthalay is brutally pragmatic, and a dick. “We founded this colony—we own this colony­—and in these uncertain times, it is our right and obligation to rule this colony.”

o   Lavinia is more emotional, and pleads rather than demands. “Anarchy will lead to violence. Think of the children!”


The Captains

·         After, the various captains of the refugee fleet arrange a meeting with the PCs, joined by the local captains of the larger ships.

·         “We’ve all been talking.”

·         “With Sasserine gone, and this place a tiny island offshore of the Isle of fucking Dread, our ships, cargo, and crew are the most valuable things in the world.”

·         “We provide food, transport, and security.”

·         “We think we should take what worked for us in the fleet—the council of captains—and make that the permanent government of this entire place. Make us all ’Lord Captains of Farshore.’”

·         “First thing to do is make it clear that them nobles, Vanderboren and Merevanchi, are no longer in charge. We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the power, and their fancy titles aren’t worth shit now that Sasserine is gone.”

·         “You Black Talons are the toughest group, and the fleet and the locals adore you. We need your backing if we’re going to pull this off. Or, if you’re not interested in joining us, we need to know you’ll get out of our way and let us do what needs be done.”

·         It’s clear to the PCs that the captains intend to loot the estates of the nobles.

·         It’s also clear that Brady (captain of the merchant ship Pride of Greyhawk is a bit disgusted by his fellow captains’ rapacious intentions, but is also confident that he can take over if the nobles are gone.


Tavey and Urrol

·         Have been gone for a while, investigating strange reports from the villagers.

·         Tavey is Urrol’s adventuring partner and research assistant.





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